Posted: December 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

We  personally think that we  did this project to the best of our ability, we took the time and effort as we took on a big challenge. As only two of us made this and we both did the filming, lighting, editing, sound etc.

The only problem we really had was the lighting, as sometimes the room was to bright then it was too dark, so we had to keep fiddling with the lights. But once we got the lighting right  the shot came out how we wanted it to. Also we could maybe have filmed more shots as when editing even though we had about an hour and half of filming it could have been more, so that we had more to work with.

We are  proud of the editing it’s how we pictured it to be, with the fast cuts a few dissolves here and there just to keep the production flowing. As well as this I’m proud of the soundtrack created by Sunny it’s not exactly how we pictured it to be but we worked with what we had as some of the sound recordings themself were not loud enough.

All in all we believe we worked extremely well in creating The Trippy Chippy and we both are excited to see it on the big screen, and have our fellow peers aswell as teachers see what has been an arduous task finally complete.

By Harmeet and Sunny.


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