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We looked in to researching a Pork Sausage Snack called


799px-Peperami_Mexicano.jpg (799×599)

It was first shipped to the UK by accident in a container which was supposed to be carrying pâté. The company decided to attempt to sell the shipment to the UK market under the brand name ‘Peperami’. Several new varieties have been introduced over the years with varying degrees of success. Peperami may be interpreted as a portmanteau of the words “pepperoni” and “salami”, but the company does not want the product to be misunderstood as a combination of these different meats. In the year 1955, Peperami was one of the products from Nabisco. After it eventually died out, the snack was brought to the UK overboard in 1982, which was actually supposed to be Pate. When the mistake was made, the company tried the meat snack and enjoyed it. Thus, Unilever relaunched the snack.


Peperami TV advertising has always been phenomenally successful:

The brand is advertised by “the Animal” (“That crazy wee fella”), voiced by Adrian Edmondson. The product is marketed as The Spicy Meat Snack with the slogan“Peperami: It’s a Bit of an Animal”.

Each variant of Peperami has a different version of the tagline. The snack size types are marketed under the tagline “Peperami Mini: It’s a Little Bit of an Animal”. (changed to “Peperami Lunchbox Minis: It’s a Little Bit of an Animal”). The hot variety was marketed with the tagline “Peperami Hot: It’s a Fiery Peperami”. The fire stick variety was marketed with the tagline “New Firestick: It’s a Red Hot Peperami”. The noodles were marketed with the tagline“Peperami Noodles: It’s Peperami, Gone a Bit Noodles”. The new barbecue flavour is only marketed with the tagline “New BBQ Flavour Peperami”. A video game, Animal, was made featuring the Peperami character. For a brief period in 2007, Peperami had a new slogan, “Peperami, 100% Pork Salami”. When the Gobbler was still available, the slogan was “New Peperami Gobbler: It’s A Little Bit of Alright”. The Cheezie variant never had a slogan, instead the cheezie character would normally say something next to an image of the snack and ‘New!’ banner. The Cheezie character appeared in the first four advertisements for the snack. He resembeld a yellow version of “the animal” with hair, and ran a fictional radio station.[citation needed]

In the late 1980s, starting in 1987, before “the animal” was featured in the advertiments, a series of advertisements with the slogan “Get Your Teeth Into A Peperami” aired instead. One such advertisement from 1989 titled Venus Fly Trap saw a man feed a venus fly trap a Peperami.[citation needed]

Unilever recently decided to drop its ad agency of 16 years, Lowe, and has turned to the crowdsourcing platform IdeaBounty to find creative ideas for its next Peperami TV campaign. Unilever had worked with Lowe on the snack food brand since 1993, but decided to crowdsource its brief and take “The Animal” to the public, rather than a small team of creatives.[3] The result was the advert for the latest product, Peperami Nibblers, marketed with the tagline “New Peperami Nibblers: They’re Little Bits of an Animal”. Likewise, Unilever used integrated agency Billington Cartmell to tie into the 2010 Football World Cup, with the character – now transformed into the “Fanimal” – on posters (notably in pub’s gents toilets with risque slogans), print ads, radio spots, an interactive website and even distributed in the form of a shouting rubber mascot.[4]

Other advertisements, in other media aside from televison, include Animal, released in 1996 as an advergame[5], and a notable ad, printed in magazines and on billboards, featured the “Animal” burning on a heater, as a launch for their new Firestick flavour. This ad was accompanied by a television advert titled Arson Fire(which was a remake of the ad for the Hot flavour).

Here are some of the videos mentioned above:

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