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We also needed to do allot of mic recording so that we can use the sounds within our production. The different types of mic’s are:

Cardioid microphone: Is a directional microphone with a Cardioid pattern of sensitivity the microphone is designed to receive sound from a particular direction and is mainly used for interviews as it is more direct. It also usually takes power from the camera itself and doesn’t pick up background sounds.





Rifle or gun mic: This is a very strong mic as it picks up sound from all around; it usually comes with a headset so the person on camera can hear the sound. It is very good to gather an array of sounds not only the character but other people.





Lavalier microphone: This is a tiny mic that is clipped on to the person you are talking to, it is seen on a lot of TV programs as it is more direct sound and you can only hear the person who is speaking.





Solid state sound recorder (zoom) microphone: This is the smallest one from our mic sets, it is used just for close talking and sounds, as it can only pick up a single sound (no background).




Headphones: These are probably the main thing needed with microphones as they are the sound check.




We used all the mic’s to check which one worked best and the one that we used that gave us the sound we wantd was the cardiod mic.


By Harmeet


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